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Fellas let us keep the rompers. Please and thank you!!

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So unless you been living under a rock this past week I know you've heard of the latest men's fashion trend....Rompers.

Yes ladies, I used the word men and rompers in the same sentence on purpose. This sent social media into a totally frenzy! CNN even picked up the story! So you know your girl Kam had to give my little two cents. Fellas take notes.

In recent years your favorite NFL and NBA players and even your favorite rappers are inching close to that line that one shouldn't cross in fashion. Not naming names....cough Odell cough Uzi cough Young Thug cough. I must be coming down with a summer cold with all that coughing lol

But I'm here to give fellas the real stello on how rompers aren't all that great in the first place. This is where your pen and pad is needed gentleman.

First things first, do you know we have to get completely naked just to use the bathroom. And remember guys, we have doors to our stalls YOU DON'T. So yes more than just your eggplant will be exposed to your 'buddies'.....unless you like that sort of thing.

Secondly, rompers gives us constant wedgies right between the crotch area. Now of course I don't have a snake down there but I'm pretty sure you guys don't want to be caught dead adjusting your jewels to look good in the very same outfit you compliment our butt in. It's just not pretty.

Lastly, let's paint this picture. You and your lady has had a great night on the town, and YOU KNOW you're getting some action tonight and you get home to undress each other and she's waiting for you to put it down, you can't even whip it out because you don't have that jean or boxer opening there. We'd have to sit there and watch you roll down your romper....can you say MOOD KILLER! Nobody has time for that.

So, fellas we let y'all borrow our skinny jeans, ripped shirts, painted nails but let us keep the rompers. Please and thank you.

Kam Allen

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